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Avian Systematics   ISSN 2051-4441

Editor: Trevor H. Worthy PhD, DSc trevor.worthy@flinders.edu.au

Avian Systematics is a peer-reviewed journal that welcomes submissions for publication that address avian systematics of both modern and fossil birds. It welcomes original research, short notes, and reviews that address any aspect of systematics, taxonomy, and nomenclature of birds with the aim of an improved understanding of their diversity, relationships and classification. A submission based on original research must be accompanied by an affirmation to the effect that it is not under consideration for publishing elsewhere.

This is an e-journal. The content will be published on-line on the website of the Trust for Avian Systematics (www.aviansystematics.org) and they will be archived by the British Library.

All contributions will be published individually when ready and dated accordingly. They will, when a volume is finalised, be organised in a volume for the creation of a cover with a list of contents, in three sections. First the front matter, usually including a Preface, with page numbers in small Roman characters (e.g. i, iv, xii etc); second the articles, typically original research, with page numbers in Arabic characters (e.g. 1, 7, 13 etc.); and third ’Notices’ (an abbreviation for "Nomenclatural Notices", will provide a published basis for information that will be freshly used in the Update Series of the Howard & Moore Checklist of Birds of the World), with page numbers in Arabic characters preceded by a capital N. Each section will be paginated sequentially.

Articles that include descriptions of taxa that are being newly proposed are welcome. Nomenclature and taxon ranking follows the guidelines of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. But for ranks not provided by the Code follow the table in Appendix I of the 1st (2013) volume of the Howard & Moore Checklist of Birds of the World by R. Schodde.

Volumes will have a minimum length of 160 pages. Articles will carry a unique ZooBank registration number and any new names will be registered by TAS in ZooBank in the name of the lead author and this registration number will be mentioned (acceptance of this by the author(s) is a condition for publishing in Avian Systematics.

Authors wishing to publish in this journal are welcome to e-mail the Editor to seek advice on the appropriateness of an intended submission. Guidelines to authors are provided HERE.

Editorial Advisory Board (in formation):

  • Alexandre Aleixo, Helsinki, Finland
  • Walter Boles, Sydney, Australia
  • Scott Edwards, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.
  • Daniel Field, Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Jon Fjeldså, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Dan Gibson, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
  • Michael Patten, Steinkjer, Norway
  • Manuel Schweizer, Bern, Switzerland
  • Luís Fabio Silveira, São Paulo, Brazil

Each volume may comprise full publications and "Notices": 

Vol. 1:


Elliott, A., N.J. Collar, M.D. Bruce & G.M. Kirwan, 2022 (November 11): 1. Why the long-held identity of Paradisea [= Lophorina] superba J.R. Forster, 1781 is correct and should be retained, with designation of a valid neotype. Pp. 1-26. 

 Andersen, M.J., S.M.S. Gregory, E.C. Dickinson, D. Watling & R.P. Scofield, 2022 (December 14): 2. A new genus-group name for Gymnomyza Reichenow, 1914 (Passeriformes: Meliphagidae) a preoccupied name in Diptera. Pp. 27-29.

D. Černý, P. van Els, R. Natale & S.M.S. Gregory, 2023 (May 12): 3. A new genus-group name for Burhinus bistriatus (Wagler, 1829) and Burhinus superciliaris (Tschudi, 1843). Pp. 31-43. 

G. Sangster, J.A Kushlan, S.M.S. Gregory & E.C. Dickinson, 2023 (August 17): 4. Agamiinae, a new family‐group name for the Agami Heron Agamia agami (Ardeidae). Pp. 45-49. 

G. Sangster, S.M.S. Gregory & E.C. Dickinson, 2023 (September 14): 5. Forpini and Touitini, two new family‐group names for Neotropical parrotlets and parakeets (Psittaciformes: Arinae). Pp. 51-54.  

T.V. V. Costa, P. van Els, M. J. Braun, B. M. Whitney, N. Cleere, S. Sigurðsson, L. Fábio Silveira (October 11): 6. Systematic revision and generic classification of a clade of New World nightjars (Caprimulgidae), with descriptions of new genera from South America. Pp. 55-99.


Gregory, S.M.S. & C.F. Mann, 2022 (April 22): I. The correct introduction and type species of Fringillaria. Pp. N1-N5.

 Dickinson, E.C. & S.M.S. Gregory, 2022 (April 28): II. The correct name for a hummingbird subfamily. Pp. N7-N8. 

 Gregory, S.M.S., 2022 (May 5): III. The introduction and correct typification of Oxyura Bonaparte, 1828. Pp. N9-N11.

Gregory, S.M.S., 2022 (May 5): IV. The correct date and introduction of Pityriasis Lesson, and a note on the correct spelling of the associated family-group name. Pp. N13-N15. 

Gregory, S.M.S & R.J. Dowsett, 2022 (July 12): V. Identifying the correct type species of Sylvietta Lafresnaye, 1839. Pp N17-N18.

 Dickinson, E.C., S.M.S. Gregory & G.M. Kirwan, 2022 (November 25): VI. Picus rafflesii Vigors, 1830, reassigned to Chloropicoides Malherbe, 1849: complementary comments. Pp. N19-N21.

Dickinson, E.C. & G. Aimassi, 2022 (December 14): VII. Precedence confirmed for the name of a subspecies of new world dove (Leptotila verreauxi chlorauchenia Giglioli & Salvadori, 1870). Pp. N23-N27.

Gregory, S.M.S., 2023 (July 7): VIII. The correct family‐group name for a clade of pigeons (Columbidae) including Chalcophaps Gould, 1843, Turtur Boddaert, 1783, and Oena Swainson, 1837. Pp. N29-N33.

Schweizer, M., Marques, D.A., Olsson, U. & Crochet, P-A., 2023 (July 28): IX. The Howard & Moore Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World: framework for species delimitation. Pp. N35-N41.

G. Sangster, S.M.S. Gregory & E.C. Dickinson, 2023 (August 30): X. The correct authorship of the family‐group name Eurostopodinae (Caprimulgidae). Pp. N43-N47.

S.M.S. Gregory & U. Olsson, 2023 (September 14): XI.The correct introduction and type species of Fringillaria Swainson, 1837 – a correction. Pp. N49-N53.

S.M.S. Gregory & G. Sangster, 2023 (September 21): XII. The correct family‐group names of two parrot clades (Psittaciformes: Amazonini and Proboscigerini). Pp. N55-N66.

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 Vol. 2:


G. Sangster, S.M.S. Gregory & E.C. Dickinson, 2023 (October 25): 1. Ithaginini, a new family‐group name for the Blood Pheasant Ithaginis cruentus and resurrection of Lerwini for the Snow Partridge Lerwa lerwa (Phasianidae). Pp. 1-7. 

C. Gouraud & P. Absalon, 2023 (November 9): 2. List of type specimens of birds in the ornithological collection of Le Beffroi Musée Boucher de Perthes – Manessier (Abbeville, France). Pp. 9-43. 

G. Sangster, S.M.S. Gregory & E.C. Dickinson, 2023 (November 20): 3. Apalodermatinae, a new family-group name for the African trogons (Trogonidae), with clarification of the authorship of Harpactini. Pp. 45-52. 

G. Sangster, J.C. Blokland, S.M.S. Gregory & E.C. Dickinson, 2024 (January 11): 4. Gymnocrecini, Amaurornithini and Pardirallini: three new family-group names for rails, with comments on the taxonomic placement of Zapornia akool (Rallidae). Pp. 53-64. 


G. Sangster, S.M.S. Gregory & E.C. Dickinson, 2023 (October 25): I. The correct authorship of the family-group name Nesoctitini (Picidae). Pp. N1-N3.

S.M.S. Gregory, G. Sangster, T.H. Worthy & R.P Scofield, 2024 (February 29): II. Falling through the cracks: a family-group name for a clade of hawks and eagles (Accipitridae) including Morphnus Dumont, 1816, Harpia Vieillot, 1816, Harpyopsis Salvadori, 1875 and Macheiramphus Bonaparte, 1850. Pp. N5-N17.